​Find a Job

When your career plan and résumé are ready, and you know what companies are on your priority list, the resources in this section will help you land your next job.

For Undergraduate Students:

CAREERlink is the recruiting system used to manage on campus interviews, company sponsored information sessions, and job postings.

For MBA Candidates and Specialized Masters Students:

OlinConnect is the career management system used to manage on campus interviews, company sponsored information sessions, job postings and the ability to schedule career coaching appointments online. This system also offers a place to do compensation research and report your offers.

Information Sessions

Companies host information sessions to enhance their visibility on campus and to preview the quality of Olin's talent. So, make a good impression. Conduct advance research. Dress professionally. And practice your networking skills.

On-Campus Interviews

Employers that are coming to campus will post their positions in CAREERlink and OlinConnect. Employers select candidates to fill their interview schedule, and you’ll be notified via e-mail. Interviews are held in the Weston Career Center Interview Suites, Bauer Hall, room BH 250.

Job Postings

The jobs posted are screened by the WCC, so they’re suitable for career-minded business students. To apply, follow the instructions and submit your application, cover letter and other requested materials.

Résumé Books

Olin publishes résumé books for employers. Employers use résumé books to evaluate students. To be included, you must complete your up-to-date profile and upload a current résumé. Online résumé books enable employers to conduct searches based on profile data and key words.

Other Job Boards

Extend yourself in the marketplace and check company websites and other job boards to maximize your opportunities, but don’t forget to work your network, and hit the pavement to identify the “hidden job market.” The Research and Resource Tools page has links to several job boards.

Resume Uploading Tip: Many firms use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) when reviewing resumes initially. Word format is the best to ensure that if an ATS is used the resume can be read. A PDF document is generally thought to be more secure (i.e. less easy to change), however, PDF is not easily read in machine format or stored in company databases for future searches. Whenever you upload your résumé to a system that converts your document to a PDF file, always review the converted document to be sure your formatting has been maintained.

(See Career Guide page 8 for additional information on applying online to company websites and other job boards.)