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Alumni Resources

Many of the resources are accessed via this website and require a WUSTL key. Alumni can recover WUSTL account information and activate their WUSTL key on the Alumni & Development website If you do not know your ADIS (Alumni and Development Information System) ID number, the system will look for a match on name, birthdate, email and address fields in the university alumni database. With either method, you will receive an email with instructions to create your WUSTL key and password.

Resources with the padlock icon use another authentication method. Contact the WCC at for instructions.

We encourage you to download WCC’s Career Guide as an excellent complement to the resources described in the Your Career section of this website. We’re also providing the tips and tools below to support your career search needs as an experienced professional. If you would like additional assistance or insights about these resources, don’t hesitate to book an appointment with the designated alumni career coach.


CareerLeader® is a web-based comprehensive career assessment tool based on more than 20 years of scientific research and used by more than 400 leading business schools and corporations worldwide. It taps into your interests, motivations and skills, providing insight into your highest potential career and employer culture match.
  • Preview CareerLeader
  • To register, type your email address and type the password olin-ALUMNI for the discounted alumni rate of $75.
  • Questions? Contact the Weston Career Center at 314-935-5950 or email

Résumé Guidance

Craft your résumé so it’s accomplishment-oriented and relevant to the specific job you are seeking. Review the résumé section in the Career Guide to gain an understanding of starting with a STAR framework as well as formatting insights.

Take advantage of our alumni subscription for Optimal Résumé to easily configure and download your résumé. There are several alumni formats included in the examples.

Cover Letter Feedback

A stand-out cover letter begins with analyzing the role and company and then developing three to four reasons why you are an outstanding candidate. Read Developing a Cover Letter as well as the cover letter section of the Career Guide.

LinkedIn Feedback and Access to Certified LinkedIn Expert Intelligence

Mastering your LinkedIn profile is essential in your job search. It’s your most dynamic branding tool to connect with employers and networking connections. Read the Building Your Personal Brand section of the Career Guide and the LinkedIn Pro Checklist provided by input from a certified LinkedIn recruiter.


Maintaining a vibrant network of professional contacts creates a resource you’ll rely on even after you successfully complete your job search. Review the Networking section of this website to reactivate your contacts and freshen your skills. Take full advantage of this all-inclusive networking guide created by one of our resource partners, Beyond B-School. You’re already part of a worldwide network of 9,000+ successful business professionals—Olin alumni. On Linkedin, join the Olin Alumni Group and the Washington University Alumni Group. Tap into the Washington University network using the directory in the Alumni Association website.


Your Olin alumni career coach is available to practice interviewing with you—just schedule a coaching session. Send the job description, your résumé and any intelligence about the role you are interviewing for in advance.

As a WashU alum, you have access to Big Interview. This online tool allows you to practice your skills as well as helps you learn the best strategies for interviewing.

One of the best ways to prepare for interviews is to speak with people who have interviewed with, or work for, the company in which you’re seeking employment. Review the Interviewing section of this website for details. Gaining clarity on the type of interview to expect, whether behavioral, case or technical, can help you focus your prepping process.

Evaluating Offers

When you receive an offer, there are many aspects to consider in your decision-making process. It’s critical to think about what factors are important to you in a job and work environment and to weigh each factor based on what you value most. Review the Evaluating Job Offers section of this website for more guidance on how to consider other factors beyond compensation. In addition, read page 49 of the Career Guide for a helpful approach to negotiating a job offer.

Global Employment Intelligence Resources

  • GoinGlobal provides global employment intelligence and opportunities including 120 city and country career guides in 50 languages. Job opportunities featured include 735 + organizations.
  • MBA-Exchange is a tool used by top MBA programs to facilitate students’ connection with global employment opportunities. It includes up to 50,000 jobs, 400 MBA development programs and 1,100 MBA employers globally. Access is more limited six months post-graduation.

Marketing Research

  • Vault Career Insider provides intelligence on what it’s like within an industry, company or profession and how to position yourself. The site features detailed information on nearly 5,000 companies in 120+ industries and 84 professions.
  • Most Kopolow Business Library Databasescan be accessed by alumni with a WUSTL key. Browse this list for resources that fit your career search needs.
  • Management Consulted is a comprehensive consulting and case interviewing resource.
  • Wall Street Oasis contains career guides on financial industry insights including technical finance interviews, breaking into venture capital and private equity markets and a guide to corporate finance careers.