Hiring International Students

Olin is home to many international students from more than 30 countries. Our international students are among the top scholars in their home countries and bring first-hand knowledge of global business practices and customs. Some advantages to hiring an international intern or graduate include fluency in multiple languages, cross-cultural skills, global business perspective with international work experience, and solid business skills that you’ll find in all Olin students.

How to Hire International Talent from Olin

International students enrolled at Washington University generally hold an F-1 visa or a J-1 visa and are eligible to work in the United States as summer interns or for one-year of employment post-graduation, with no additional expense or work on your part. The only requirement from your firm is an offer letter. Additionally, international graduates are eligible for long-term hire at your company. There is no requirement that U.S. citizen applicants be recruited before international applicants.

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