In spite of the exceptional credentials, talents, and attributes that military veterans bring to the table, it is often the case that veterans face specific challenges related to the transition into a civilian business career.

For this reason, veterans are coached by the Weston Career Center on how to translate military experience and skills into civilian terminology and how to effectively communicate their value proposition, for example; skills in multitasking, working under pressure, and leading and managing teams.

Weston Career Center, in partnership with the Olin Veteran Association, sponsors events dedicated to connecting Washington University and Olin alums with incoming veterans for the purposes of mentoring, professional development, and networking. Learn more about Olin graduate programs and veteran support.

Veteran Scholars in Business In addition, Olin’s Corporate Partner Initiative provides access to a senior-executive mentorship program that offers an insider perspective on a specific industry, function, and/or company, including advice on career progression and guidance on making a successful transition from military service to the business world.

Veterans seeking a coaching appointment to discuss transitioning from military service to civilian life should email t.christophercollier@wustl.edu or schedule coaching online.