Information for Faculty

Students value your advice about job opportunities and companies. Employers seek your insight into how candidate’s skills measure up and fit with the expectations of their companies. To support you in this important role, we provide the following information.

Who’s Hiring

The WCC employer relations team can supply an overview of companies recruiting and hiring our students. Please email for an up-to-date list or view-only access to CAREERlink, the online job posting service of the WCC. For historical perspective on placements by degree program, see Employment Statistics.

How to Engage with the Weston Career Center

We’ll help you connect with alumni and employer contacts who can be guest lecturers, present live cases, judge competitions or collaborate on research projects. You can request assistance by emailing or by contacting Olin's Corporate Relations Office.

Student Code of Conduct

Students are held to an academic code of conduct, and we have similar expectations for their professional conduct during the job search. See Policies to learn how you can help reinforce these rules of conduct.