Services for Executive MBAs

We offer the same premium services, career planning and resources to all candidates. Here’s what we offer for Executive MBAs:

Assessment and Professional Development

Just after admission and long before the first day of class, Executive MBAs undertake a series of self-assessments to determine strengths and define leadership styles. Each Executive MBA candidate creates a personal development plan with career strategies and targeted areas for growth. In addition to assessment, the Executive MBA personal development process includes feedback on team and leadership skills, optional skill-building workshops, and course material on leadership, influence, negotiation, cross-cultural management and team development. In addition, the Weston Career Center (WCC) offers the following career assessment tools:

  • Career Navigator course – Career Navigator prepares you to create focus and momentum around your career plans. The framework and guidelines help you achieve your career goals and support next steps to piloting your post-MBA career. During the Career Navigator course, you learn strategies and skill-set positioning that are necessary to strengthen your ability to effectively manage your career. Students are introduced to the Career Development Plan that will serve as a blueprint for career management or search.
  • Self-Assessment - CareerLeader® – Developed by two experienced business school career counselors, CareerLeader requires password is an interactive tool that offers a personalized, online self-assessment, turning insights about your skills, interests, motivators and passions into concrete recommendations for corporate culture fit and your business career path. Access is provided by the Weston Career Center to students enrolled in the Career Navigator Course or as an outcome of an individual advising appointment.

For more information, see Executive MBA Programs.

Career Coaching

Executive MBA candidates are experienced business professionals. The WCC offers services that focus on incorporating EMBA achievement into a career management strategy to guide them in accelerating a career.

Executive MBA candidates can tailor career services to fit their needs, including career coaching (Career Coaches), résumé critiques, research tools, and Career Navigator course.

To meet with a career coach, schedule an appointment online, email, call 314-935-5950, or stop by the WCC in Knight Hall 210.

One-on-One Coaching

Individual coaching sessions are available to Executive MBA candidates and alumni. Access this service by contacting EMBA program staff at or 314-935-9009, or Mark Schlafly at the Weston Career Center at or 314-935-5950.

A typical coaching series includes these stages:

  • Self discovery/awareness
  • Communication/Branding
  • Engagement/Networking
  • Closure/Interview

Upon completing these confidential, personal and customized coaching sessions, Executive MBAs are welcome to participate in biweekly strategy, career and networking sessions facilitated by Frans Van Oudenallen.

Job Search Resources

In addition to the resources offered on this website, Executive MBA candidates can obtain access to many Weston Career Center resources. These include OlinConnect, the online recruiting system used by the Weston Career Center to manage job postings, company-sponsored information sessions, and events.

After an initial career discussion with Mark Schlafly or Frans VanOudenallen, Executive MBAs may request full access to OlinConnect or other password-protected resources.

Companies looking for experienced talent send us positions targeting a more experienced candidate. You can find these opportunities in the Alumni Job Postings.