​Personal branding

A brand pyramid is a tool companies use in developing and defining brands. Fill out the Personal Branding Pyramid with your own information to discover your own personal brand.

  • Review your Personal Brand Pyramid and Resume—look for themes and differentiators
  • Be familiar with what makes someone successful in the job you want, review job descriptions. Highlight the top skills, experience, qualities that they are looking for and you can deliver—look for themes and differentiators
  • Plan your story—in the order that works best for you. Consider the following personal highlights:
      • Name
      • Education (School, Major)… no need to mention WashU, Olin if event is on campus
      • Introduce a theme…way to frame your story
      • Your experience, proudest accomplishment. Consider what is most transferable to role and differentiated. Weave it into your story
      • Your key skills… focus on those transferable to role you are seeking. Focus on the ones that align with their needs and ideally differentiate you
      • Briefly explain your top interest, motivation or passion—think about what you want to share that helps recruiters get to know you and your character. Look for opportunities to weave into story
      • Briefly explain why you are getting your MBA, what you are focused on learning to help you achieve your aspirations
      • Share your aspirations—ideally transitioning into why you are excited to talk to the recruiter regarding a specific role at their company

The Career Guide is a reference tool that complements OlinCareers. Stop by the WCC to pick up the latest issue.