Communicating Your Decision

Congratulations! You have just received the eagerly awaited phone call from a recruiter. In anticipation of receiving an offer, be prepared to discuss the following with the recruiter so when the offer is made, you are in command of your response.
  • Thank the recruiter and express your excitement and pleasure about the offer.
  • Clarify the next steps in the process: When will the paperwork be sent to you? Is there a deadline for accepting or declining the offer? Are there other requirements to fulfill?
  • Ask the recruiter about the best times to contact him or her with any questions about the offer material.
  • Wrap up the call by reiterating your pleasure at receiving the offer and confirming that you will review the offer materials and respond within the agreed-upon time frames.
Once you have decided to accept an offer, communicate your decision to the recruiter as soon as possible. Calling the recruiter is usually the preferred way to communicate your acceptance. Be sure to reconfirm the start date, salary and other compensation information – this allows the recruiter to move forward with the next phase in bringing you on board. Refer to Transitioning from College to the Real World (pdf) for information about how to be successful on the job.

It is unprofessional to continue a job search after you have accepted a job offer. Be sure to withdraw from all other interviews immediately. Under no circumstances should you renege on a previously accepted offer, as this can damage your professional reputation and reflects poorly on you as an individual and on Washington University.

Declining Other Offers

Contact other employers with whom you were still in the interview process to let them know you will not be moving forward with them. Do this as soon as possible so they can move on with other candidates. Make sure you thank them for their interest in you.

Calling the employer(s) to communicate your decision is preferred. If email has been the method of communication throughout the offer process, however, you may use email to communicate your decision.

Exploding Offers

An exploding offer is any job offer that does not afford you time to either accept or decline the position and has special incentives attached for the purpose of inducing early acceptance. Exploding offers can place a tremendous amount of pressure on you before you’ve completed the interviewing process and are strongly discouraged.

Deadlines for Offers

The Weston Career Center recognizes that students should have the opportunity to investigate employment options of interest when making career choices. If you need additional time to decide, you may request more time from the recruiter. It is important, however, to express your interest in the offer. For more information, refer to the Olin Business School Offer Guidelines.

The Weston Career Center strongly encourages you to seek the advice of one of our career advisors for guidance on the process of accepting or declining offers. For more information on responding to job offers, please refer to Career Guide page 49.

To meet with a career coach, schedule an appointment online, email, call 314-935-5950, or stop by the WCC in Knight Hall 210.