Weston Career Center Job Reporting

Please take advantage of the new Olin Employment Data Analytics (OEDA) system to report your job and internship offers, as well as other post-graduation information.

LOGIN LINKS (For students receiving multiple degrees, please use the link for the highest level degree your will receive).

We strongly encourage you to report all job and internship offers and status (e.g. holding, rejected, or accepted) in a timely manner and update your offer status appropriately.

All the information is kept confidential and will only be used anonymously to generate averages for your class when we report aggregate compensation information. It is extremely important that you report all of your offers and fill out as many fields as possible. This information is used by recruiters, prospective students, and the media to help them form an accurate image of Olin. Offer information is used to prepare the annual Olin Business School employment statistics report. Your cooperation is appreciated in keeping us informed of your employment decisions.

Introduction to OEDA The OEDA system is a tool that provides an efficient way for students to report their employment information.

For issues or help regarding the the OEDA system, please contact the Weston Career Center at wcc@olin.wustl.edu or 314-935-5950. Or, email Tanya Montgomery at tmontgomery@wustl.edu.