Interview Tips

Many companies use several types of interviews to get an all-inclusive sense of who you are as a potential employee. Ultimately, both parties are looking for the best fit, and the hiring process should be a two-way street. Interviewing Dos and Don'ts

Learning about the company and its culture prior to the interview will equip you with the effective interviewing skills needed for you to land the job. For effective interviewing guidelines, refer to page 38 of the Career Guide.

Five successful steps to successful interview preparation are:
1. Know yourself
2. Know the position you want
3. Research the company and industry
4. Ask questions
5. Practice interviewing until you feel comfortable and confident

STAR Framework

Prepare for your interview by identifying situations from your résumé where you have demonstrated the behaviors a given company seeks. Use examples from past internships, classes, activities, team involvements, community service or work experiences that prove your competence with the desired behaviors.

The STAR framework helps to convey specific situations, actions and outcomes/results that validate what you are saying about yourself.

Situation – The situation or setting, the background for context
Task – Tasks or tactics used to approach or assess the challenge
Action– Activities or actions used to effect the change
Result – The outcome, a sense of scale, the quantifiable results

Types of Interviews:

  • Behavioral Interviews assess your job-related technical skills, past performance, work habits and personal characteristics.
  • Case Interviews focus on your ability to solve a business problem, which may be a problem the company has previously faced.
  • Technical Interviews assess your specialized knowledge.
  • Phone Interviews screen potential candidates. Recruiters often ask in-depth questions that have been previously reserved for the final interview.
  • Video Conference/Skype Interviews enable employers to conduct interviews using Skype capabilities, which are offered by the Weston Career Center.
  • On-site Interviews provide you with the opportunity to get a firsthand look at the culture of the company.
  • Second-round Interviews serve as an opportunity for you and the company to get to know each other better and evaluate each other’s fit before you potentially join the company.

The Weston Career Center also provides specific resources to help you prepare for an interview, including an online database of actual interview questions, Behavioral Interview Questions Guide, and an Interview Rubric.

For more information about the types of interviews, as well as tips for managing the various interview types, refer to pages 39-42 of the Career Guide.

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